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Preparatary Products Range
Two For One Twister DT-3000
    Himson pleasures to introduce DT-3000 series Two For One Twisters for:
  • Textile yarn twisting.
  • Industrial yarn twisting.

The twisters are equipped with the best quality spindles, high quality ceramic guides, genuine spare-parts and bearings

DT-3000 Series Twisters are having 150 mm, 230 mm and 290 mm dia meter spindles with microprocessors controlled invertor driven fully automatic machines are suitable for producing low twist yarn of polyester, nylon, polypropylene and other filament yarn having 200 to 5000 denier range.

The individual taper mechanism for 230/290 mm paper tube take up tube at traverse length controlled by adjustable overfeed roller speed.

    DT-3000 Series Two For One Twister means:
  • Sturdy & robust structure.
  • Free from vibration.
  • High technology.
  • Easy operation.
  • Space & power saving.
  • High quality twisted yarn.
  • High production & efficiency.
Cops Winder Machine CLV

Himson Cop winder with micro processor controlled invertor driven system is the most economical solution for producing the best quality warp wound packages suitable for TFOTs & covering machines.

    The unique technology of precisely built ball screw traverse gives vibration free motion to produce.
  • Uniform yarn tensions.
  • Uniform take up speed.

Resulting a take up package meets international parameters.

    Himson Copwinder is equipped with:
  • The best quality spindles.
  • High quality ceramic guides.
  • Genuine spare parts.

Himson assures smooth working even at high take up speed of 600 meters/min.

    Himson Cop Winder having 106 spindles Single Deck/ Double Deck are quite suitable for:
  • 3 /1kg take up package.
  • 30 to 600 denier range.
  • Cop length 450 mm max.
  • Cop length 270/2 nos.

Himson make Cop winder is an ideal machine for High Quality and Production.

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